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Executive Conextion LLC provides exportation, importation and brokerage of Fine Wine, Distilled Spirits and Premium Food products direct from producer and manufacturer facilities.  The business conducts daily operations involving brokerage services, on-off premise solicitation, supply coordination, logistics, transportation, governmental regulatory guidance and adherence, warehousing and distribution.


Executive Conextion LLC handles Brokerage and Solicitation of Fine Wines, Distilled Spirits and Beer for the Mississippi and Louisiana Markets, Gulf Coast Gaming Region. Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control Permit #040078. Sub-Brokerage under Select Brands Inc. Licensed to import under Federal Permit #HI-I-15011.

Executive Conextion LLC also handles CBD and Hemp products that are laboratory tested and certified true to origin with strict quality controlled standards IAW Governmental and State requirements. 


Executive Conextion LLC handles brokerage and distribution of Premium Food Items through Food Service companies or direct critical shipments to establishments under both Export and Import platforms.  Executive Conextion LLC is registrered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to register Food Production faciities in accordance with FDA rules and regulations.


Executive Conextion LLC, founded in 2004,  is a Limited Liability company which specifically works with and along side the Food and Beverage Industry. Products consist of Top Shelf or Premium alcohol which include Fine Wine, Distilled Spirits and Beer.  The company also handles exclusively sourced Premium "Upper-Tier" Food products.  


Executive Conextion LLC is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration for facility registration, prior notice submission, product inspection and clearance. Furthermore the company is registered with the United States Tobacco and Trade Bureau for the registration of alcohol labels and formulation submission under Permit #HI-I-15011. 

Executive Conextion LLC works closely along side CBD and HEMP farmers/producers ensuring utmost strict handling procedures are incorporated from farm to consumer. Furthermore distributors are required to adhere to specific handling policies and procedures before being authorized to distribute any Executive Conextion LLC CBD and HEMP products. 


Post Office Box 88

Biloxi, MS 39533-0088

Tel: 808-371-6454

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